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Upcoming SmartSex Salons

April 14, Minneapolis, Mall of America, Kerri Miller interviews Peggy Orenstein, New York Times Best Selling Author of Girls & Sex

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Never Podcasted Before? How to Listen

November 3, 2016

What Really Happens in a Sex Therapist’s Office?

Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, Author of Wanting to Want and Dr. Erica Marchandlicensed psychologist specializing in couples and sex therapy

October 20, 2016

Hook Ups, Social Media, Truth Telling

Peggy Orenstein, author of "Girls and Sex"

October 6, 2016

How to Talk About Sex & Why You Should

Kate McCombs, Sex & Relationship Educator


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As an experienced television journalist and award-winning public radio host, Kerri is the voice of SmartSex bringing candor, curiosity and transparency to the topic of sexuality. As a long time public relations executive who spent time in politics, Teresa is good at telling clients stories. Spreading the word about SmartSex is her new favorite cause. Stay tuned and Let’s Talk About It.

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