Sharing Not Shaming

In this culture of oversharing, why are we still so hesitant to share when it comes to sex?

We share almost everything these days.  Eggs over easy on Instagram. Selfies with our new puppy on Facebook. 140 character rants about Trump on Twitter. But would you ever share a masturbation technique? Or a sex toy preference? Or your favorite sex position? For most of us,  the answer is a resounding “No way!”

In this culture of oversharing, why are we still so hesitant to share when it comes to sex?

“It’s one of those things where you don’t realize you don’t talk about it, until you really do talk about it….We don’t have access to a professional outlet for that,” Christina Vasilou, co-director of OMGYes said. She’s part of a project to change that.

OMGYes is a first-of-its-kind website dedicated to research-driven videos about sexuality.  Yep — It’s real women doing some sexy-time stuff on camera.  No scripts, and no actors.  But this is not your sleazy neighbor’s porn.

The site got a big boost when actress Emma Watson–you know her as Muggle-born-witch Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter flicks– mentioned it in an interview.

The science-based show and tell videos are behind a paywall because of their “explicit” nature – but the OMGYes team believes the demonstrations are key to lifting the taboos surrounding female sexual pleasure.

“Women on the site probably are trying to figure out if they are normal. I think a lot of times that’s a big worry for people especially when it comes to women and women’s anatomy – people are self conscious about that,” Vasilou said. “Everything is fine. Everything you are doing is fine. Everything is normal. Everyone does it!”

Here’s the SmartSex takeaway of a few techniques you’ll learn on OMGYes:

EDGING: A technique to achieve a bigger orgasm by approaching & denying

**Think of it like driving a car and trying to reach 100mph, but pumping the brakes every time you go above 80.

ACCENTING: Paying extra attention to part of a motion

**Imagine you are lifting weights and really need to pay attention to your form to tone the right muscle

HINTING: Passing by and only occasionally indulging

**It’s like counting down all week when you only drink wine or eat sweets on the weekend

The list goes on and on (& hopefully so will your orgasms!) at