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Down to There

We’ve embraced Pam Costa as a SmartSex sister and we haven’t even met yet! 

We’ve embraced Pam Costa as a SmartSex sister and we haven’t even met yet! But she’s channeling what we’re all about: Fun and open conversations among good friends about sex.  She’s humble and witty and curious. Don’t miss the post about her Sheryl Sandberg-inspired “Lean In” circles. More about Pam Costa

The Good Wife

No spoilers! We haven’t seen the series finale yet.

But we’ve watched Alicia Florrick transform from a stand by your man kitty cat to Sasha Fierce. We had a gin and tonics debate about whether Alicia was right when she declared, “It’s always sexier not to care.” And we desperately wish (Julianna, are you listening??!) Julianna Margulies would talk about this strong, flawed incredible character she played for our SmartSex podcast. 

Dear Prudence

Slate’s sparkling advice column on “manners and morals.” 

Readers write in about addiction, dating, sex and the throw-up-in-my-mouth pet smells in a sister in law’s house. Our recent favorite? A husband who wrote in for advice about his nudist-loving wife who is turning their 6 and 3 year old kids into nudists. Prudie’s advice? “Surely, once your son refuses to let his naked mother wrestle him out of his clothes, he will also start wishing every time he looked at his mother he didn’t have a daily reminder of whence he came.”

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